The challenges of having too much rain and the joy of pumpkins!

Green Kuri Pumpkin available now!

"Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on us!"

We've started singing to the sun in hopes that she will show her warm and vibrant face! 

The rain has taken quite a toll on our crops in the last week. Some of our vegetables have drowned... yes that is possible!!! But Olivier has been creating drains faster than I can say "go" to mitigate anymore loss. A challenge as we go from a hot, dry summer to an abrupt clunk into a cool, wet Autumn! We tell ourselves that this is the reality of working in nature but sometimes it is hard to swallow that reality. There will be some delays in our production in the coming weeks as this weather stalls our preparations and planting schedule, but alas, we preserve, so please stick with us as we continue to work hard to grow food for you all!

On a cheerier note, we have an awesome new variety of pumpkin available this week called 'Green Kuri'. A Japanese Kabocha type pumpkin. They are sweet with a lovely nutty flavour and are perfect for a variety of uses, though are especially good for soups and pies. 

We have little multi-coloured radishes which are sweet and not too spicy, as well as new season baby beets which are back and delicious! 

The French Green Beans continue to flourish. At the moment my favourite thing to do with the Green Beans is to roast them and then toss them with roasted sesame seeds and a little salt... simple, and absolutely delicious!! Parsnips are also ready to start harvesting, we usually wait for the first frost to sweeten them up, but pulled a few the other day, cooked them and they are delicious so yes, here that are!

Thank you to all who have shown us such wonderful support and commitment this season so far, without you we would not be here.

Even as this season winds down we are already planning for next spring with seed order preparations, compost creations and soil testing and analysis to ensure that our mineral and nutrient balance is there, so that the vegetables are pack full of the goodies for us all to grow healthily on!

Have a wonderful week!

Best Wishes,

Falani, Olivier & Naia Sofo

“Eating is an Agricultural act“ - Wendel Berry

Olivier and Naia picking carrots in the mist.