Garlic planting, winter greens and beef packs!

Salad Mix

Happy Sunday!

A beautiful autumn day and another reason why we love this area and climate so much!

We experienced a little of summer again last week which was lovely and now the cool sets in which feels like it's truly autumn! 

The warmer weather last week dried things out just enough for us to get planting again with more salad mix, beetroots, and other greens and radishes, Yay!!!! 

We have had some great reflections about this little farm over the last few weeks and met with our land partners to discuss our plans for the coming months. Some new infrastructure, new fields, propagation house and re-vamping our packing and curing shed! 

We also plan to start selling "Beef Packs" in the coming weeks. Our land partners have been breeding and raising cattle for the last 15 years bio-dynamically and putting a selection of cuts together to create an offering that utilizes the whole animal, dividing it fairly and eliminating waste. More details to follow!

Field Notes: 

  • GARLIC! We have sold out of last seasons garlic which is sad but exciting as we are just about to plant this seasons this week! 
  • We will be adding other varieties to the mix, a hard neck Australian white, as well as a Purple Australian variety, Coming Soon!
  • WINTER Greens Mix; (a combination of Mazuna leaf, tatsoi and baby Kale), will be ready next week! We continue to sell our three varieties of pumpkin, Butternut, Sweet Meat and Green Kuri.
  • Additionally, from this week we will be selling carrots without tops. They are A-Grade, delicious, Dutch type carrots. We just catered for Olivier's brother's 40th birthday on the weekend and carrots were on the menu. Wood oven roasted, tossed with chilli oil, fresh parsley and toasted sesame seeds. Highly recommend giving this dish a go!  
We hope that everyone has a wonderful week and thank you again for your support! 

Best Wishes,

Falani, Olivier & Naia

“Eating is an Agricultural act“ - Wendel Berry

Olivier flame weeding before planting winter greens