Sunshine, cover crops and baby fennel

Our beautiful Salad Greens

Happy Sunday!

We love Autumn, the air is crisp, the trees change their colours, some loosing their leaves. Once we get out first frost all of the cooler loving crops like carrots, parsnips and many from the Brassica family get sweeter! You will not eat a better carrot then one that has been through a few frosts to encourage its sugar production.

We had a really productive week! Garlic was planted as well as another succession of Fennel, Kale and Romanesco Caulifower. Its starting to get late to put some of these plants out but we are going to give it a try and observe the results. 


AND! Our 8 month old daughter Naia, stood up for the first time this week while she was playing in the harvest cart! She doesn't seem to have much interest in moving on her belly, but is so sure on her feet! So Voila... another milestone, and all while we were harvesting beetroots.


Autumn Green Mix of Mizuna and Tatsoi

Our list of Vegetables is starting to lean out as we head further into the cooler months. We do use protective cropping methods to extend our season although with the rain that we have had we were not able to move our green house tunnel and subsequently plant inside. So we continue to do our best within the parameters of the environment, this is the story of local and seasonal.

We have had a wonderful season and your support and enthusiasm for our produce has been so encouraging and exciting.
We have also been supplying a number of wonderful restaurants within this area including, Bistro Officina, Josh's Cafe, Eschallot Restaurant, Green Lane Cafe, The Hospital Shop Cafe and Moonacres Harvest Kitchen.  This has been really exciting as it allows us to connect with the community in different ways. Falani and I spent many years in kitchens and both really enjoy maintaining a connection with the industry. 

Field notes:

  • Baby Fennel will be available this week as well as an Autumn Greens Mix of Mizuna and Tatsoi.
  • Unfortunately Beans are finished for the year, the Basil is not far behind, and the Kale, Parsley and Silverbeet are slowing down for us.
  • Potatoes, Pumpkins, Storage Onions, Salad Greens, Carrots and Beetroots continue to be wonderful.
Have a great week everyone and thank you again for your support! 

Best Wishes,
Falani, Olivier & Naia

“Eating is an Agricultural act“ - Wendel Berry

Afternoon naps sometimes happen unexpectedly