.. an immense geological story

Marking beds for garlic planting 

Happy Easter everyone!

We hope that you're all enjoying time with family and friends and what a blessing for us to have such beautiful weather! 

Another lovely week has past and we continue to work through our long list of Autumn to-do's.
We have been thinking hard this week about how we will over come the challenge of being in a wet area with poor drainage. We have been considering moving part of the growing area to another site on the farm but have decide to stick it out where we are, and dig some drains instead!
When we look at the soil we can see that we are farming on land with an immense geological story. We had our soils tested a few weeks ago, and are astounded by some of the results, particularly the organic matter! Many people speak of Australian soils as being old and tired, and certainly we are living on an ancient continent where it has been a long time since many parts have seen geological activity. 
To see what is happening in the soil from a biological perspective, we look at our plants. We also like to test the soil to see an analysis of where we are at with our mineral balancing. 
We are not of the mind-set to only add compost, cross our fingers and pray that plants will grow and produce healthy fruits or leaves. Mineral balanced, biologically active soils are what we work towards! It is our obligation as farmers and producers to grow healthy plants that in turn grow healthy people.

Biodynamics looks at what we call the triple bottom line - the Ecological, Social and Economical.

Falani and I started Living Earth Farm because we wanted to contribute something to this community. We landed here by chance two years ago and thought that we would start to grow vegetables and see how it goes! Starting a farm is not like starting a coffee shop, although some of the social ideals may resonate between the two. It takes time to understand the land and the climate, the community and of course our changing selves. We plant seeds with you all in mind, sincerely. We imagine what the fields look like before we plant and also what the vegetables will taste like and how they will be eaten!

Covering Crop with frost cloth to keep them growing

Field Notes:

  • We have a new Radicchio Salad Mix available this week which combines 4 old Italian varieties of Radicchio. 
  • Baby Fennel continues to be vibrant and delicious!
  • Our Broccoli and Cabbages are starting to show their heads. 
  • A new planting of Rocket and Japanese Radish are on their way, so stay tuned!

Finally... We are planning on having a short break in June to revitalize and plan our next seasons' production. We will be closing our vegetable sales for the entire month of June. From July to the beginning of September we will be offering a limited number of Farmers Boxes, but more about that soon! Safe holidays, eat well and be well!

Best Wishes,
Falani, Olivier & Naia

"Eating is an Agricultural act" - Wendel Berry

Enjoying a rice cake as we plant Kale and Romanesco Cauliflower