A season that was full of thrills!

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Happy Sunday!

We hope that you’ve had a wonderful week and enjoyed this little bit of rain!
This is our last week of sales before we head off to Canada for four weeks to introduce Naia to our Canadian side of the family and visit our farming peers in the northern hemisphere.
An opportunity to say a massive “Thank You!” to everyone who has supported us this season, and especially to those who have consistently bought vegetable from us. This is why we are here, growing food for you!
We truly love what we do, and having your support makes us even more inspired to continue doing what we love, improving and shifting every step of the way.
We have been busy… and have sold out of many vegetables that we had anticipated on getting us through the winter. Onions, potatoes, pumpkins, and Beetroots… sold out! We are renewed by the fact that nothing was wasted and everything went into our community.  Thank you bellies.
The season was full of thrills! Starting a new farm and planting the first seedlings 5 days after our daughter was born! Growing on a piece of land for the first time and experiencing what it had to offer, and connecting with a new community around food and farming.
Challenges, yes. The March flooding was hard on us, but we have made progress this week by digging drains throughout the garden, fingers crossed.
During our break we will be re-working the website, bringing some new ideas and offerings into the mix.  We will also be putting out a short survey and would really appreciate peoples feed back, without which we cannot improve.
In conclusion…..
We wish you a wonderful last week of Autumn, and look forward to re-connecting on our return in early July!

Olivier digging drains

Field Notes:

  • Cauliflower and Savoy Cabbage continue to flourish this week! We also have some beautiful Hinona Kabu Japanese turnips that are super sweet.
  • Broccoli came to an end with the few hot days that we had last week, and our onion store has practically sold out. We have taken the onions off form online this week, but have put a few in the $40 and $20 boxes, so if you wish to have onions please order those.
  • Greens continue to be crisp and sweet, as do the carrots and Parsnips.
Eat well, be well folks!

Kind regards,
Falani, Olivier & Naia

“Eating is an Agricultural act“ - Wendel Berry

Naia searching for greens