Sugarloaf cabbage and envisioning the next season

Sugarloaf Cabbage, available this week!

Happy Long Weekend EVERYONE!

We are making our way along the Hume Motorway, wind screen wipers working frantically to keep the rain from obstructing our view. We're travelling down to Shepparton to attend the annual Biodynamic Farming Conference. The conference starts tomorrow (Saturday), and we are so looking forward to meeting more like-minded farmers, to share stories and techniques.

The last two weeks have been magic, both for the vegetables and the soul. When the sun shows its shining face we work double time, getting everything done that we might not be able to do if there is another four weeks straight of rain.

At the beginning of the week, Olivier and our very good friend Gregorio moved the poly tunnel! We were humming and hawing about this, as we weren't sure the right way to go about it. The tunnel was designed to be moved with a tractor and winch but we didn't have a winch and the ground was so soft that we were worried about the edges of the tunnel digging themselves into the earth. Fortunately, with the two trucks, they managed to move the tunnel seamlessly! The garden has now taken on different dimensions.

We can really start to envision next season and how the crop rotation dance will continue. The farmer that we worked for together in Canada planned his crop rotations for the following season by envisioning his stall at the farmers market. He pictured his stall presentation, which vegetables would look best next to each other (based on their colour, texture and dimensions), and the needs of his customers.

When we crop plan for the following season, we have you all in mind, we picture how you might use the vegetables that we grow, the flavours and the practicality of our offering. As farmers, we must wear many hats to be able to see our produce through from seed to your kitchen tables! Thanks again for your support and best wishes on this lovely long weekend!

Moving the poly tunnel

Field Notes:

  • Sugarloaf Cabbages are ready this week which we are so excited about! They have a conical shape and a delicious, crisp juicy flesh which is great eaten raw or cooked!
  • Unfortunately this is our last week of Potatoes for the season, and we are also close to the end of our Pumpkins.

We kept our production leaner this season, not knowing our capacity with a new little baby that blessed our lives in the Spring. We will plant more this coming Spring, but until then, we would recommend purchasing Potatoes from Phil and his team at Moonacres.  
Safe holidays, eat well and be well!

Best Wishes,
Falani, Olivier & Naia

"Eating is an Agricultural act" - Wendel Berry

Falani feeding Naia on a warm afternoon