A little on biodynamics

Broccoli, available now!

This week has really felt like Autumn; beautifully sunny but cool days and cold nights. As the days get shorter, we can see the plants and animals change their behavior, and intern we consider shifting our own rhythms to adapt to the seasons

Many plants are daylight sensitive and in-fact daylight hours are the main contributing factor for many trees loosing their leaves. Vegetables are influenced in the same way. Many onion varieties will not bulb unless they experience certain amounts of light and dark, the same goes for garlic and countless other plant families. A little more magic that mother-nature offers us!

Last weekend we attended the annual DEMETER Biodynamic conference, held in Victoria. What an inspiring weekend, we met many new farmers and folk and connected with a community who are the backbone of Biodynamic food production here in Australia.

We sat and listened to a talk given by Alex Podolinski, who has been the founding farther and mentor of Biodynamics here in Australia and Internationally for the past 60 years. He is in his 90’s and is still as sharp as a tack!

We will be attending a field day next weekend back down in Victoria, to start our mentoring relationship with a wonderful vegetable grower who has a farm close to Melbourne.

We are embarking on this journey, and even though we have been practicing BD since being on the land, connecting with other, more experienced practitioners will allow us to improve our culture of farming, grow healthier soils and vegetables for you all!

Field Notes:

  • We harvested the first of the cabbages last week with great success. Sugarloaf Cabbage is one of our favorites, although we find ourselves saying this about everything that we grow.
  • Broccoli has sized up and is ready for harvest starting this week!
  • Baby Fennel continues, as do Carrots, Autumn Greens Mix, Salad Mix, Radicchio, Onions and Parsnips. Unfortunately, we will be coming to the end of our pumpkins this week, sad but exciting to know that every one of them has been sold and consumed within our region.

On that note we have had a few people ask wether we will substitute the produce that we sell out of with product from another farm… Not a terrible idea and certainly 99% of all food vendors out there are buying in and distributing other peoples produce. But Falani and I made a commitment to work with what we have and sell only what we grow. So for the moment we will accept having sold out of Potatoes and Pumpkins for this year, and look forward to their first harvest next season. And on that note of course, we intend to grow more next season to meet the demand so stick with us!

Best Wishes,
Falani, Olivier & Naia

“Eating is an Agricultural act“ - Wendel Berry

Naia enjoying our fennel on a crisp harvest morning