Our Story

Falani's design for our farm's logo

Falani and Oliver in Vancouver, BC where we metWe, Falani and Olivier, met while working at Foxglove Farm on the west coast of Canada in 2013. After 2 years of working at Foxglove we were offered an opportunity to move to Australia to manage a new farming project in the Southern Highlands NSW. The project that we moved here for changed direction after our first year and so we decided that it was time to start our own farm.

Because we do not own any land, we began searching to lease a good block somewhere within the region. We met Melissa and David Saville in late summer in 2016 and connected with them straight away. We are on the same page with many things, in particular agriculture. They are running a Biodynamic pastured beef operation on the farm and have done so for the better part of the last 15 years. 

Melissa and David offered us a small chunk of their land and the assistance in setting up basic infrastructure to get started. We turned sod in August 2016 and planted the first crops not long after. Living Earth Farm has been a long time in our thoughts, and the name reflects our belief and commitment to the power of ecological processes.

We are a young farming family with energy and enthusiasm, bringing something active and vibrant into our community. We are committed to keeping our production local, and we believe in transparency about what we do.

We grow what we love to eat and sell only what we grow. It is important for us to involve ourselves in the propagation, production and harvest of everything that we grow on farm and we continue to trial and test varieties of vegetables that thrive and produce well in our Southern Highlands climate.

A view of Living Earth Farm with our cattle neighbours