Our Method

We are committed and passionate farmers.

Our approach is to work respectfully on the land, to fertilize the earth with ideas and actions on improving the health of the soil, of the animals, of the plants and of the people. We believe in transparency about what we do and encourage people to ask questions about their food and farmers.

We are constantly observing, learning, and our minds and methods evolve with each season that passes. We believe that every season and piece of land needs to be approached with fresh eyes and a willingness to adapt and be dynamic.We apply biodynamics for many reasons, but one of the foundational points for us is that it looks at a farm as a whole, with all elements (soil life, animals, plants, people) working in harmony, and in balance.

We believe that good farming looks for balance...

in a system that is, as a whole intensively managed. The application of biodynamic preparations and philosophies in relationship with good soil management practices are foundational to our farming. The different preparations help to stimulate, inoculate and invigorate soil and plant life. When the soil biome is functioning, all of the micro organisms, bacteria, fungi, and soil life are working together to make nutrients available for life that grows above the soil. Plants are in relationship with life in the soil and we need to be mindful of this as we continue to practice and develop our farming culture.

Historically and inherently, annual agriculture applies a lot of tillage to the soil. As we have come to understand more about the negative effects of tillage on soil life, we are learning new ways in which we can approach field preparation for planting and nutrient management. We are eager to be trying different techniques each season and observe the results.

We believe deeply in cover cropping...

crop rotation and the application of high quality compost. We make our own compost and view it as an inoculant in the soil. We like to see compost as the pro-biotic, introducing good bacteria, fungi and bugs into the soil as well as conditioning it.  We recycle all field wastes and use a diverse selection of manures, carbonaceous materials, rock dusts, bio-cha and minerals. We turn the compost regularly to ensure a healthy, moist and aerated decomposition and check her temperature to ensure that she remains not too hot and eventually stabilizes.With each cycle that begins and ends we are encouraged to look again and observe more closely. It is through this practice of observation that we learn how to better apply ourselves. We are passionate to teach the next generation of growers and eaters about knowing the story of their food and their farmers, and moving towards supporting a sustainable food system that acknowledges the connectedness of human health, to soil health, to plant health. We must look beyond ourselves to know that we are part of a greater system and cycle. We must apply ourselves and participate in a food system that requires many hands.